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Nora has received many welcoming emails. Here's what her family and friends have to say:

Congratulations to Nora, Pat and Janet,

we are so happy for all of you.  Nora is a beautiful baby.  we love seeing
the pictures and especially love knowing how happy a time this is for you

Love an much much congrats,
Rich and Franny

Congratulations Pat and Janet, and welcome to you Nora!

You have more photos on the web than a rock star! (And you are certainly
dressed more demurely.)

All the best,

Welcome to your new home Nora!!!  (sorry this is a little late...)
As you've already heard, you're a cutie-pie!
Can you tell the folks to send us your password for the Nora-cam?
Thanks and have fun with you parents!
Mark, Joanne, and Nicky in Mass

Dearest Cousin Janet,Patrick and Nora Marie...
Congratulations...and as we say here in the South "Miss Nora sure is
Janet it has been several years...but my Mom has kept me posted every step
of the way (she called me the other night with this address). You and Pat
are truly deserving of this beautiful and precious gift. I am so happy for
you both!
God Bless you all...

P.S. Great Web-site!!!Kudos

You are such a little joy to behold!  You are such a lucky young lady to
have wonderfully warm, thoughtful and simply delightful parents!

Orien & Charlie

Hi Janet and Pat, 
This is cousin Marie from CT.  Just saw the baby's pictures and she is 
beautiful.  We are all so happy for you.  You've waited a long time and Nora 
is truly a blessing.  May God shine down on your family with years of love, 
health and happiness.  Can't wait to see you all at the party on the 19th.  
See you soon! 

Hi Janet, Pat and Nora, 
It was so wonderful to receive the announcement about Nora and to see her 
pictures on the exciting it must be for all of you..Ellen is here 
visiting so we were able to share the great news with her as may 
not know that Mom is in an assisted living here in Delaware now, so all the 
family is coming this weekend to visit with her and to celebrate her October 
95th birthday a little early... 
Our warmest congratulations to all of you...we are sure your grandmother and 
grandfather Scalese, as well as your Dad, are smiling down from above on your 
new little bundle and your happy family.    Hope we can get to meet her in 
person some day... 
Lucille and Bobby and Ellen 

I understand congratulations are in order again!  Your great aunt Pauline 
just gave me the news and it's official!!!  We are soooo happy for you Janet 
and Pat and of course Nora, too!  I can't even begin to imagine the relief 
you must feel now that your precious little one has become a permanent member 
of your family.  There is power in prayer and the three of you had alot of 
people praying for you!  Nora is where she belongs and you all are blessed to 
have each other!  Now you can celebrate!
        love, Diane
P.S.  Can't wait to see you in August!

Congratulations and wild cheering!!!  You are one cutie-pie!  All kinds of 
sentimental best wishes to your happy parents, from Barbara and Diedrick.

What great news! Nora is beautiful!. Best wishes to a wonderful
couple and a lucky baby!. We look forward to seeing Nora in the flesh.
                                        Richard & Carole

Congratulations!  I'm so happy for you all.  George, Robby, Brad, and I can't stop looking at the pictures. 
 Even calm, cool, collected George couldn't wait for me to send an e-mail to you.  He had to get on
 another computer to look at the pictures by himself. :)  We can not wait to swap stories.  You know, the
 kind that you can't wait to tell their friends.
Oh, George asked me to tell you that the cursor trackor Java Script is cool as @#%^.  Please excuse
 George, he's still working on his "proper" language-sike.
Any way, we love you,

hi baby Nora its alisse I'm at my dads house. i can't wait till you get older 
so i can play with you at family holidays i will even help you with reading 
or writing and everything else that you need help with i hope we become very 
close to each other. 
           love alisse 

I checked out the site. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to you and
your family with the addition!


Cari Pat e Janet,
 come procede la Vostra vita di neo-genitori?  Nora fà i capricci? La notte vi fà dormire?

 Siamo veramente contenti che finalmente siate riusciti a realizzare il Vostro sogno.

 Abbiamo visto le foto della piccola, è davvero bellissima!! Soprattutto in braccio a Voi.

 Gli avete già preparato la stanzetta con tanti giochi? Vorremmo tanto poterla abbracciare, 
spero che in futuro possiate portarla in Italia a farcela conoscere di persona.

 Quando attivi la web cam vorremmo sapere la password così vi vedremo dal vivo.

 Vi abbracciamo forte forte, e un bacio speciale alla piccola Nora.

 Ciao da tutti noi, e fatevi sentire presto.
                                                            Famiglia Casanova-Casiello

Welcome Nora!
   You are beautiful and the luckiest girl in the world.  You picked
wonderful parents! 
I know you are all having great fun and can't wait to hear about your


Dear Sweet baby Nora:

We have such an awesome God, little one. Your Mom and Dad have waited so long 
for you.  God waited and waited for just the right time to bless you and your 
Mom and Dad. You are so loved by all of us and what a wonderful way to come 
into this world!

We are so happy for you and your Mom and Dad. :o)

Rest assured you will hear lots of "goo-goo's" and "ga-ga's" and see adults 
being goofy but it will be out of love. As you grow and learn about this life 
and have an adventure of your own through growing up, you will have your Mom 
and Dad to cushion the blows, comfort you in sadness and share in your joys. 
Remember, at all times, they will be there for you. You are so blessed, 
little Nora! Rely on them in need and most of all rely on God, our creator, 
and our Lord Jesus Christ. He will assure you of love, faith and hope. As 
Louis Armstrong sang in a song a long time ago, "What a wonderful world!".  
Welcome to the world! May God bless you and your Mom and Dad forever.

Paul, Patti, Sarah and Ben

Dear Nora!
You are a cutie pie!
I am your Mom's secret sister (not a secret any longer) from her
Friendship Star Quilt Guild.  I missed meeting your Mom at our June
party, and I admit I was a little disappointed.... however, when I found
out why she wasn't there I was thrilled.  You and your parents are so
blessed to finally be together.

Love from, Amanda

I know how it feels...been there!  28 years ago and again 21years ago.
Adoption is great.  I will never forget the excitement of the day I saw my 
son for the first time....I am happy that you are experiencing that same 
The pictures are great.
Good luck and I'll be waiting to see her, so, bring her in next time you 
come to the deli.

I am so happy for both of you - hope everything works out well this time -
my prayers are with you (and ofcourse I'm very partial to girls)!!  Good
things come to those who wait and you two have waited long enough.


Janet & Pat,

We enjoyed so much the pictures of you both and Nora.  She is so adorable
and you must be so happy to have her. We wish you so much happiness and
good health with her.

Pat, the web site is marvelous and very well done with all the
information and even emails from others.We liked the way the words follow
the mouse arrow.

From your JCC fitness friends,

Evelyn &Jack

Pat and Janet,

Fabulous news!!!  My very best wishes and sincere prayers to all of you.
May you and Nora live very happily everafter.



Welcome to the world, Baby Nora!  What a cutie pie you are!!  We are SO
happy that you arrived safely into your Mom and Dad's arms.  Take care of
them and let them get a few hours of sleep at night :-)  HeHe:)

Love, Emily, Mark, & Maddie

God's Blessings, Sweet Nora,
We met so briefly that you may not remember me. I am Kim's friend, "Housemother" Judy. I was so
 excited when I was given the honor of loaning my home to you when you returned to Yakima. I was sorry
 I was working in Portland at the time, but thrilled to give you and your mommy and daddy a cozy place to
 get to know one another before going home to Maryland. 
Some mommies and daddies wait all of their lives for a special baby to come to them, but for lots of
 reasons, they never find one. It's a very, very sad thing. But your mom and dad looked and looked and
 every day they asked God to give them just the perfect baby. They had to very patient, but they prayed
 every day and God was faithful (like He always is) and he created you. God had a plan, as usual. He
 even knew you before you were born! WOW! He knew from the beginning that he would stamp the name
 "Nora Marie Sheehan" on your heart so that when you were born the doctor would know exactly who you
 belonged to. 
You see, God's plan was that you would have the perfect mommy and daddy, and that mommy and
 daddy would have the perfect baby. God wanted you to be the happiest little girl in the world, and He
 wanted mommy and daddy to be the happiest, most fulfilled parents who ever lived. Well, GOD'S PLAN
 WORKED! [His plans always work ;o)! ] 
Now, get ready, Nora, because God has more plans for you and your parents. He's still keeping all of
 them a secret, though. So all of us who love you and your mom and dad will be excited, just like on
 Christmas morning, to see what's in your life's package. I just hope that one of his plans is that you will
 get to come to Yakima again to visit us. I promise, wherever I am, that my house will always be there for
 you again. 
Kiss and hug mommy and daddy for me. God Bless you, Sweetheart!
Housemother Judy

I can't stop from  going back and looking at your pictures and thinking, 
"god she's cute!"  Welcome to the family Nora. We may seem a bit silly to 
you...but...well...we are...You've got two great parents and a lot of good 
relatives who have been waiting a long time for you.  In the words of Jimmy 
Buffett, "There's just too much to see waiting in front of me, and I know 
that I just can't go wrong".  A lot a cool things are going to happen in 
your life, get set for a great ride!
Cant' wait to see you!



Congratulations to ALL!!

This happy and hearty welcome is from a stranger (face to face) but a
follower of  Mom and Dad's adventures to seek and gain such a wonderful
bundle of life and love.  I'm Kim's friend and also bouvier owner.  Kim
has let me enjoy the ups and downs of your path to Nora.  The best
wishes for all three of you.

Cherry Wiest

Congratulations to the happy parents!
Inge Ricker from Yakima ( Kim's friend who met you in Wash. D.C.)

Dearest Nora, I just said my last good-bye to you before you fly back to your 
real home in Maryland.  Yakima and the great Northwest will always be special 
to you, however, and I know you will come back to visit us one day.  Such a 
precious wee thing you are.  Your mom and dad think you are just about the 
best thing to ever happen in this world, and I would have to agree. We 
decided that you might be destined to be a pianist because of your gorgeous 
long, slender fingers. Tonight at dinner we all watched intently as your 
eyelids fluttered, but no such luck.  You slept through the entire meal.  
That means that most probably you'll pull one of your "all nighters."  I do 
hope you give your parents an hour or two rest for their drive back to 
Seattle in the morning. 

But let me introduce myself, Baby Nora.  I am your ConnectAunt.  One day, 
while playing Scrabble on the internet with your father, I discovered that 
your mom and dad were hunting for just the right baby.  They were looking in 
Florida and Maryland and all over the world, but they hadn't found just the 
right one to call their own.  They were looking everywhere!  I left a message 
on the Scrabble Board telling about my neighbor, Eric Gustofson.  Eric loved 
finding just the right baby for moms and dads.  Soon your mother and father 
were talking to Eric and telling him exactly who they were looking for, and 
Eric started looking too.  It took him several years to find you, but what a 
celebration it was when you came along.  You were born in Spokane, which is 
about three hours from Yakima.  Then, after you left the hospital, you came 
back to Yakima, and I have been able to hold you, and rock you, and coo over 
you . . . and act completely ridiculous, just like most adults do when there 
is an adorable baby involved. It has been such joy. 

But now I am fighting back the tears, Baby Nora, because you are leaving us 
in Yakima and going all the way to Maryland.  You can see from your emails 
that many wonderful people are waiting for you back home.  Now they will be 
able to love you, and coo over you, and hold you . . . and you will make them 
all act completely silly, just like me. You are a blessing to us all, baby 
Nora, and I do thank God for you.  

Your Connect-Aunt, Auntie Kim   


Congratulations to you both.

Sue and I are very happy to here about the arrival of your baby. You guys
will make excellent parents and baby Nora is lucky to have you both. Hope
all the legal stuff goes well. Keeping our fingers crossed for you.

Hope to see the "THREE"  of you soon.

Chris and Sue


Nora is BEAUTIFUL - and should be in "pictures"  (Many an actress would envy her "range" :-)


Dear Pat and Janet,

A warm welcome to Nora, and congratulations to her parents.  Her web page
should win an award.  Trust all is going well with the legal stuff and that
you all will be on your way home to Maryland sometime very soon.  She could
not have chosen better parents, as I am sure she will understand - and
acknowledge one day!

Lots of love to all three of you


Hi Nora:
    Welcome to planet earth.  You may find as you grow older that there are
lots of crazy people roaming around this planet.  Fortunately
there are a few normal ones, like mom and dad, interspersed among us to
keep the planet running with a certain degree of sanity.  So hang
out with them for a few years before deciding to venture out on your own.
    We have been checking out all the neat things on your website and are
quite impressed with all that you have been doing.  We must be
honest with you, however, and mention that we are quite jealous that you
are able to spend lots of time sightseeing in the northwest.  We
did not get to see the northwest until our honeymoon and all we saw then
was rain and snow (along with lengthy quizzes on naming the
states and their capitals).
    Your pictures look great but we really look forward to seeing you in
person.  When you come east with the folks, let us know if you
need anything.  We specialize in maps, be bop music, and e-mail jokes.
    All our love to you, mom, and dad.
Debbie & Mike

Pat & Janet--


We've been praying daily for this to come through for you; we'll keep
praying for the safe return of the THREE of you to Maryland!

We love you guys! All THREE of you!!!!!!!!!!!


Steve & Annette

Welcome Nora!

What a great day for a birthday, and only a few months away from that other
great day  -- October 17!

We can't wait to see you in Maryland.

Aunt Collette and Uncle Kevin.

Ps-- We may get to babysit you when you come home.  Yea!!!

Nora....Welcome Home!!!!!!....We are SO happy for you.....and for your mom and dad......Love, LeRoy and Anna

Hello Nora, 

Welcome, I hope when you are able to read this you will already know how much you were anticipated
 and how much you are loved.  I hope I get to meet you soon. 

Best regards and wishes for a wonderful life, 


Dearest Nora.  We welcome you with tears of joy!  If you grow up with even some of your mother's grace
 and your father's humor, you will be an extraordinary person.  We can't wait to meet you!  

Judy, Mike, Steve, Jennifer and the rest of the gang at the Alzheimer's Association.

What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you both. Love the pictures on your
web site. Nora is a beautiful baby!

Best of luck to you all. 


Hi Nora!  Welcome to the world!  Everyone here in the "Alzheimer's family" was so happy to learn of your
 arrival.  I know your mom and dad must be incredibly happy -- they waited a long time for you to get here! 

Anyway, I used to work with your dad.  He was definitely a funny guy at work.  I hope you got his sense
 of humor.  

Well, I bet you have a lot of e-mail to respond to.  I just wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to
 meeting you once you are all settled in your new home.  By the way, I love your website! 


I'm sure your parents are having a great time with you now, with the 3 AM
feedings, the loss of mobility, and tending to your demands.  Just tell them
to enjoy it as much as possible, because before they know it you'll be a
teenager, and that's a whole different ballgame!!


Hi Pat & Jan,

    Best wishes and prayers for you and Baby Nora. I'm sure all of you will 
be back home soon. Mom must be pacing the floor till you get back. It's great 
being a grand parent. Our twins are doing fine. They are 17 months old now.

Sam & Elaine

Hi Pat and Jan,

CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!. It's great news. Elaine and I wish you all the best. I 
bet Mom is the family are going wilded. It's great being a grand parent. Our 
twins are doing great. Their 17 months now. Hope to see you all soon.

Sam & Elaine

and I say MAZEL TOV!!!
You are a most welcome addition to your family.
May you continue to bring them joy and happiness in the years to come.
Wishing you the very best that  life has to offer.

Some staff members here at the American Bar Association want to say,
"Welcome to the World!"  :)

Your cousin Andrea is having everyone see your website.  It's great and
we'll all look forward to watching you grow.  God bless Nora for all she is
and all she will become.

Hello Nora Marie, We are so happy to welcome you into the
 family.  You are a very lucky girl to have such wonderful
 parents.  We hope to get to meet you when you make an
 appearance in Hamden, Connecticut.  
Tommy and I send our love. 
Hugs and Kisses, Angie and Tommy

HEY YOU TWO! (grins) tried sending this to the website link address..but it
 would not go... SOOOOOOOOOOO *grins*  sending it via here! (gurgled grin)
 PATRICK! JANET!! I Love the sight! thank you for.. being generous and sharing
 it! (softly) prayers of jubilation.. *grins* and rejoicing to you and your new
 family! *below my message to Nora.. *softly smiles*)

HIIIIIIIIIIII NORA!! it's so nice to see nice to see you in this world!  You've
 been long awaited and joyfully anticipated.  There have been many prayers that
 you'd be gifted into your parents loving arms.

I've just seen your picture on your web site (softly smiles)  and my heart
 tugged so tightly because I know that you were love, simply because you are a
 beautiful life. *whispers*   Years, before you were conceived, I came to know
 your parents.. often thinking that a quite special angel would fit most
 perfectly into their life.

My name is Beverly, and I hope to come to know you more and more as you grow. 
See more and more smiles as the years enrich you and your parents. The Creators 
gifts are abundant and special.  Know that you are considered one.

Joyful anticipation

(SING SONG VOICE hums "we're having a baby" )


I just phoned Kris with the news and Kris and I are thrilled for you and 
Janet! (We love the name Nora!) Please know that we are sending you our 
wishes for only the very best. Looking forward to your return and to seeing 
our newest neighbor and you new improved family. Congratulations, you'll be 
great parents. Let us know when you are back and ready for visitors. 


Patrick and Janet: 
GREAT NEWS!  I'm sending a ton of positive energy your way and have put a hex on
 the father so he will do the right thing and abrogate.  This one WILL work out for you. 
 You have more than earned it.  And Nora is a very, very lucky baby to have the two of
 you as parents! 

Best wishes, 

Oh, Pat and Janet,

My warm thoughts and prayers are with you while you
pursue this dream of yours. I hope and pray that Nora
will be quickly returning with you to Maryland -- a 
wonderful life awaits her with terrific parents.

God bless,


congratulations !

We are both very happy for all............

Michael and Cathy

Much much love and baby love to you all.  I was in Yakima only long enough
to find out that the accent was on the wrong syllable.  Pretty much says it

Congratulations! Call me when you get home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I
hope it isn't too long now.
Is there some service that puts up a baby website? It looks pretty cute. And so
does she.

Hey...a pretty baby!!  So if the rule of 7's applies and I forward Nora's web 
site to my friends...and so on and so on...while you continue to add pictures 
(I liked nap time..why were you sleeping??) to Nora's page and the Israelis 
and Palenstines continue on the road to no where while GW tries to convince 
the rest of the world that we are not melting if all this happens 
the question becomes...Will the web melt down? or more importantly...will 
Nora sleep through the night?

Wish you both the best and a very happy resolution.


Dear Pat & Janet,
Wow great news!  She's a beautiful baby!
Joanne & I send our wishes that the legal, etc arrangements go smoothly and
quickly so 
you guys can return home soon!  Congratulations!
Mark & Joanne

Congratulations to you both!!  We are thrilled for all three of you!

We await all the details.


Hi baby Nora!  Uncle Mike and Aunt Leslie can't wait
to meet you when you get home to Maryland.  Have a
safe trip!

Mike and Leslie

Hi baby nora and welcome to the family!  we are all very excited about having 
a new member of our family!  we saw your grandma scalese today and she was 
very excited about your arrival!  we all waited a long time for this to 
happen and can't wait to see you in person!  good luck to mom and dad, 
especially with getting enough sleep!  we are sure you are worth every missed 
minute of sleep!  send some photos soon!                                      

Alisse, Andy and Diane (your cousins)

Dear Nora Marie:

Welcome to the world Nora!  Such a beautiful name for such a special
little girl.

You are a very lucky girl to have such special people for parents.  They
searched high and low for you and you are truly a blessing to them!

Now, just two things you need to know.  First, sleep at night!  That is
important so that when you are awake you can have your parents undivided
ALERT attention!

Secondly, SCRABBLE  is a very important game so get your dad to teach
you as soon as possible!  And until you are old enough to play, don't
fuss, cry or need changing until Dad has taken his turns!

Also, get your Dad to explain the internet. Its a fun place to visit and
you have your own very special place on the internet already!  And now
you have lots of cyberaunts as well who are interested in hearing all
about you!  And we can't wait to see more pictures!

So, welcome to the world and to finding two wonderful parents.  June 1st
was indeed a lucky day for you all!


Welcome to the world Nora!  You are very lucky to have 
such wonderful people as parents, and they are lucky
too to have such a beautiful baby girl.  I wish only
happiness for all of you!


Aunt Klaw

Hi Nora,

Welcome to the world and you couldn't have been born in a better part of
the United States.  My name is Kathy and I go by the alias of Dahlia
when I play scrabble with your dad and another Cathy (Cpat).  Your new
parents have been waiting a very long time for you to join their lives.
I wish God's best for you and your parents as you begin your family life

Best wishes,

Welcome to your big bright new world Nora. I am glad your Mom and Dad
are there to take care of you. And I hope your days are filled with love
and happiness.

(online auntie jaso)

Ciao Pat,

sono molto contento per voi e spero che il padre naturale non si 
faccia vivo :-)

Ho visto le foto di Nora e devo dire che Ź proprio bella, tanti 
auguri e felicitą.
Se hai ancora delle foto mandale che le faccio vedere a Cristina ed ai bimbi.

Saluta tanto Janet e fammi sapere se ci sono novitą,


Dear Janet & Pat -

	Congratulations to Nora Marie on her birth.  i am sure that she is
thrilled.  I hope she realizes what terrific parents she is getting.  When
can I take her out for ice cream?  I want to take her to the park to play on
the swings? 
I have already called the Jewish Day School and they have openings for
kindergarten in 5 years.  
When is the Christining? I assume that that is a lot like a baby naming for
a girl in the synagogue. This is really exciting - Nora Marie should know
that she is the talk of the JCC morning workout crew.  Mary Lou and Arlene
were standing in the pool for 15 minutes discussing both of you and the
baby.  Anything not to work out.
	Mike has been terrific in getting the news out.  He is one terrific
yenta.  I am beginning to think that maybe he is the real busy body and not
Debbie.  I might have mislabled Debbie bebop.  Rose said that Nora Marie
will have lots of Aunts and Uncles but only one Bubbe.  And Mary Lou asked
if she could say Shabbat Shalom, Good Shabbas, All the Best and chou.
	Should I tell Jonathan that he is an uncle.

Anything need to be done? If so feel free to call upon Jane or me.  We are
really thrilled for the both of you and can't wait for you to get home with
Nora Marie.  Your grins in the picture tell the whole story.  Has Pat held
her yet? Pat - if i can hold a baby, change a diaper, bottle feed, etc. -
than you certainly can do it.  Enjoy - can't wait to see you - Mazel Tov
again - Love from David & Jane  


Hi Patrick,

I was so glad to hear that you and Janet are going to complete the adoption
 process successfully.  Congratulations!  Nora looks so strong and lovely.  I
 guess she will be a cute baby.  I hope there is no problem in legal formalities
  of the adoption.  My wife and I have been expecting that you and Janet become 
 parents of a baby someday.  Now our anticipation comes into reality, and we are 
 so happy about it perhaps the same as you are.

Thank you very much for shearing the very good news with us.

Stay well.


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